Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question” – 7/7/10

Games and movies strive for the same thing: to capture your dollars by providing you with entertainment.  Games and movies offer the viewer a place to escape from reality for a while, and both offer ample distractions.  Some people also feel both offer artistic outlets as well, which is a debate on its own.  One area that movies and games differ in is how long they can provide those distractions.  Movies are considered long over 3 hours. A game that lasted 3 hours would be considered disappointing at best.  Which leads to this week’s question:

How long should a video game take to complete?

Since completing a game is the closest comparison to finishing a movie, this is how the comparison will break down.  Should a game last 5, 10, 20, 50 hours?  How long is too long? Or too short? says: “Some people beat it in a day. Others take months. Depends.” – Missed the key to my question – I wasn’t asking how long it takes, but rather how long SHOULD it take?

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week, you’ll be posed a question.   Give a response and let the world know what you think.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  I will post my response on Friday. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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  • Ben Hiebing

    In high school I would have said that if a game didn’t give me at least 15 hour I wouldn’t even bother with it. Now once a game hits 20 it better start rapping things up or I am going to get irritated. There are of course exception to this rule but it is one of the reasons I don’t play very many JRPG. I know that it is going to take 40 hour if not more and I just don’t have the time I once did to play games.

    So to get back to the question I hate to put one number down and say this is valid for all games across the board. That being said I think 10-12 hour is good. That seems to be enough time to get in a veriety of game play and tell a story without things feel strong out.

    However “Lost Winds” is one of my favorite Wii game and that was only 3 hour. For the $10 I spend it was well worth it. “Flower” was only 1-1 1/2 hours and that to was worth every cent I spent on it. I also love “MGS4” and “valkyria chronicles”, probably going somewhere over the 30 hour mark.

  • I agree that this could largely depend on the game genre, but I still feel I should be getting at least 10 hours out of a game I play.

    I expect more out of an RPG, and less out of niche games.

    And replayability obviously skews this number as well, but I was trying to stay focused for the sake of the question.