Gearing Up For the Big Switch

i-am-a-fugitive-from-a-chain-gang-800-75The GameHounds elves are working, nay slaving, away to make our first day of website-exclusive content a big one indeed.

Have you ever smelled sweaty elves? Pretty nasty. Kinda like old socks and macaroni. But that’s elves for you.

In anticipation of the event, we’d like to ask you — the GameHounds readers who are already here — what you’d like to see? What games do you want reviewed? What topics would you like explored more in depth? What interview would pique your interest?

By the way, we just won a bet that we couldn’t work the word “pique” into a post. Take that, Kevin Butler. You owe me a lapdance.

Feel free to email us your thoughts or put them in the comments section below. Or get a more community experience by starting a thread on the forums.

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