Needing A Master Hand? – Super Smash Bros. Melee

Challenger approaches!

There’s nothing more tempting to a Smash player than the thought of a brand new character being thrown into the mix. Oddly enough, a usual candidate for these lists is a character that has actually appeared in every Smash Bros. game since the original, Master Hand. Having fought his antics as a boss several times, players often imagined what it would be like playing as Master Hand. What if you could play as the Master Hand? Would it be possible? Over 7 years after the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee, a user known as Exchord92 claimed that it was genuinely possible, and better yet, without cheating! He dubbed the method, “The Name Entry Glitch” accordingly, but not many people shook hands with this and it never really took off. Maybe because of the years it took to find, maybe because he claimed to have found it in a hour, maybe because no one really cared about Melee when Brawl was released, all I know is, most people passed it off as nothing more than a phoney; a big fat phoney, until now of course. Gametrailers recently did a test to see if this glitch actually worked, and it did, beautifully. Now universally, people around the world are digging out their copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee and are doing it for themselves, trouble is, there’s a lot to get to grips with.

Doing the Master Hand:

There are two methods of doing the glitch, one of which is the easier way; the other is required when only one player is available. Despite this, they both work similarly and I think it’s best if I explain how the glitch is triggered first. Normally, Melee won’t allow you to continue if you haven’t chose a CPU’s/Human’s character, however, you can trick it with the aid of this glitch. By going onto the Name Entry screen just before leaving the Character Selection screen, the game automatically goes to the Stage Selection option, without you physically choosing a character. Once the stage is loaded, the game chooses the first character programmed, which just so happens to be Master Hand. Perhaps the Master Hand was going to be playable, I don’t know, either way, it’s not completely functional and Master Hand itself is only assigned to controller input 3. In regards to doing to glitch, you need to have only one name entry available, this means when you click on the blank box below character’s picture, your cursor will automatically fall on the “Name Entry” selection; because of this one and only name entry, it gets pushed down the menu into your ideal position for doing the glitch (don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense now, just do it).

Masterin’ it solo:

If you wish to do a single player mode with the Master Hand, or you only have one controller to play with, this is the only way to use Master Hand. On the character selection screen (bearing in mind what I said on “Doing the Master Hand”) put your cursor on the empty blank box within the character selection without choosing anyone. Hold the B & A button (which brings up the name selection menu) and let go of A, after that quickly press it again just before the game takes you back. This all happens within the period of 2 seconds, so you have to be accurate, to help, listen out for the sound the game makes when going back to the main menus. It’s quite difficult, but there’s a knack to it; once you’ve done it a few times, it shouldn’t be too hard to do once more. If done correctly, you should be at the Stage Selection screen (depending on what mode you choose) and Master Hand is at your disposal! Remember, you can only control Master Hand with the controller in input 3! If you find it easier, you could alternatively do the exact same, but instead of holding A & B together; hold B and rapidly press the A button (with the cursor on the box) just before you quit the character selection screen.

More than a few tips… the easy method:

If you’re a lucky Larry and have more than one controller, you have an easier way of using Master Hand in Melees. Put your extra controller within input 3, set it to human and don’t choose anyone; instead, bring up the name selection screen and place your cursor on the “Name Entry” field. While doing that, get a spare controller to choose a character and put the cursor on the top right corner, ready to go back. With both cursors positioned, press A on the two controllers at the exact same time (usually best if done by one person) and you’ll advance straight to the stage selection screen! Well maybe.

Finally mastering the hand:

Right. So you’ve probably wasted a significant amount of time trying to get the glitch to work? I’m guessing you now want to know how to work the bugger, well, first things are first; make sure you have a controller in port 3, that’s how you control Master Hand. However, Master Hand doesn’t control like normal characters, funny how he’s like that. You can’t move or jump with the five-fingered menace and all of the moves are combination’s with the D-pad instead of the control stick. Although not every combo does a move, some are assigned to create untraditional button mashes, for example: pressing the D-pad up and R together makes Master Hand do its signature drill move. It’s defiantly worth experimenting with and you’re in no hurry to do so either, Master Hand can’t die conventionally, you can smack the hand all you like when on 999%, but they’ll still be some fingers mobile. This proves to be extremely helpful on modes such as Event or Multi-Man; in contrast, some just refuse to work with Master Hand. That’s another thing as well, the game is very prone to crashing when Master Hand is in play, the simpler situation, the less likely it’ll crash, otherwise Master Hand just drives Melee into a brick wall. Repeatedly. Well, I’ve done my cleaning up and Exchord92 certainly doesn’t have to his, well done to him for just discovering such an extraordinary glitch. Somewhere out there, a Smash fan has carved his name into their skin, in respect of finally giving them the opportunity of playing as the legendary Master Hand; Exchord92, we salute you! With our glitched, white, floating hands!

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