Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Re-Released

At the end of last year the all DLC content was removed as Activision no longer had the Marvel license. Despite being announced beforehand it took many players by surprise and left many upset. Not only were there achievements and trophies attached to the DLC if you had not downloaded a small game update, you could not play the game with those who had purchased it.

However, Activision and Marvel listened to the pleas of the fans and a new contract was drawn up. All DLC will be reinstated, as I’m writing this the DLC is only available on the Xbox 360, but Activision have promised that the PS3 will soon get it back as well.

Be warned though, you will only be able to purchase the DLC until December 31st

For 800 Microsoft points you can get 5 additional playable characters: Carnage, Magneto, Psylocke, Cable, and Black Panther. You’ll also get 4 simulator missions

For just 160 Microsoft points, you can also buy the former pre-order exclusive the unstoppable Juggernaut!

Fight on True Believers!

Smilin’ Stewart

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is the sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance where the player controls a team of 4 heroes across several mission in the middle of the event that shook the Marvel Universe to its core, the civil war.

Do you join with Tony Stark and sign the Superhero Registration Act? Or go underground with Captain America?

If you want to more information on the game Platform Nations review is here

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