The New Social Network

Calling World of Warcraft the “new” social network is really an incorrect phrase in retrospect. WoW has been a social network. Since its inception on the personal computer, the constant raiding and grinding of orcs and humans has bought together millions upon millions of gamers.

Now me? I’ve never played the game, but I have clocked several hours into Diablo II, but nothing on the level that gamers are running at this very moment. Spending so much time playing against or with the masses on World of Warcraft, you are bound to meet someone, even if you have no people skills. Even if you haven’t bought the game, just mentioning WoW can gain you a new friend. Recently a close buddy of mine had mentioned to a few coworkers at a new job that she was planning to pick up the game and a new laptop after saving up a few checks. Sure enough several coworkers offered their emails and screen names.

Any gamer will see how far WoW’s reach extends in the gaming community. We all know that one or two people that will start conversing about raids and new-new armor, damage resistance, etc. Usually, I would space out when hearing such conversations, but now I realize that jumping in such conversations opens up a new dynamic with friends. If I were to put an effort into getting the game, and playing the way I do with friends on Modern Warfare 2, I could easily network several friends for some Leroy Jenkins play action on the weekends. And that’s not even touching on the guilds available in game, and guild recruitment for the Alliance and Horde factions found on the World of Warcraft Community website

Where Friends Are Made

Calling World of Warcraft a social network could be said for any other game or online service. From Xbox Live to PSN, there is no game that seems to be as robust or deep as WoW. Years from now when the next great console multiplayer shooter falls from the pipeline, WoW will still be a driving constant, linking gamers together old and new alike. World of Warcraft is seriously extensive. It’s MySpace,  Facebook, and meeting new people, and I’ll be getting my copy soon.

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