The Scott Pilgrim Movie Is Coming

Ever since the X-Men movie came out in 2000, it seems like there has been a steady stream of several comic based movies per year.  But I have to say that I’m really excited about the Scott Pilgrim movie (there’s also going to be a game).

While just about everyone is familiar with the likes of Batman and Spider-Man, it’s really interesting to see movie makers digging deep into the comics scene and coming up with a property like Scott Pilgrim.  Sure, there have been other lesser-known comics that have been given the big screen treatment (such as A History Of Violence, Road to Perdition, and From Hell), but it wasn’t immediately obvious that those were comic books before Hollywood scooped them up.

Pilgrim is a property that’s so obviously comic book material, that I’m afraid it may be a bit off-putting to some movie goers.  I guess that means I’ll have to buy more tickets to make sure this movie is a hit so we can get to see some sequels.  If the movie is even half as fun as the trailers are, I’m sure I’ll see it at least 2-3 times in the theater.  Who’s with me?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opens in North America on August 13.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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