Character Of The Week – Earth Worm Jim


Getting a grip on this weeks Character Of The Week requires us to get our hands dirty sifting through soil and dirt to find this unlikely hero. Up until 1994 this young fellow spent most of his days eating dirt and staying away from the occasional bird. Until one day when Shiny Entertainment decided that Earthworm Jim should be born or you could say discovered. Lucky for this Earthworm a intergalactic battle led to a suit falling to earth that would soon transform Jim into the super hero he always knew he was. Groovy!!

Welcome to the world of Earth Worm Jim

Earthworm Jim’s world is one of strange creatures, strange weapons and one strange main character that is set to save the world. Boss fights include fights with the likes of Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi, Evil the Cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish. With names like these we can see that one imaginative creator sought to make some great characters to go along with one weird main character.

The gameplay of Earthworm Jim could be considered bizarre. Launching cows, using Jim’s head as a whip, and other bizarre twists add to the insanity. The player controls Jim at all times of the game. In the level sections, Jim can run, use his gun, swing on hooks, and get powerups for the blaster. The in-between levels called Andy Asteroidsplace Jim in a semi-3D race against the evil Psycrow. If Psycrow wins, then Jim must fight him in one-on-one combat in order to progress. Throughout the game were many added features, such as mini-bosses whose weaknesses Jim would need to find through trial and error. Crystal treadmills, underwater pod races, and other related things also appear.

Earthworm Jim seemed to be doomed to become bait on the end of some fisherman’s hook in a twisted behind the game character story on VH1. Thanks to some caring folks though Jim was saved from an untimely fate he has been brought back to the Xbox Live arcade on June 9th with a release coming on the PSN in July of 2010. Gameloft also brought a port to the Ipod touch and IPhone which seems to be a great adaptation.

Check the video out here:

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