Two Worlds II Update

For those of you unaware, Best Buy recently launched their own gaming magazine, @Gamer. I got my free premiere issue in the mail this past weekend. It’s a pretty nice magazine that you should check out if you’re into gaming mags. Anyway, I was browsing through the issue when, to my splendid surprise, I stumbled upon a 2 page article about Two Worlds II written by Executive Editor, Andy Eddy. “Sweeeeet” I thought, and dived in head first to read it. I came out even more excited about Two Worlds II than I was before. So, I just wanted to share a few things I got from the article with my fellow P*Ner’s.

First off, Reality Pump (the developer) has listened to it’s fans and fixed a lot of the issues from the first Two Worlds. They overhauled the engine and came up with better graphical effects across the board. They have also expanded the size of the world in which we play in. It is now 60 square kilometers (roughly 30% bigger) and offers a good 40+ hours of gameplay. This is a good thing as I love getting lost in a massive world (like Oblivion or Fallout 3).

The sequel is actually a sequel and not some new game with the same name. It picks up 5 years after the end of the first game where you find the hero in prison, still hoping to find his sister, Kyra. To his surprise, he is busted out by the very orcs he fought against in Two Worlds. They team up with him to help him try to defeat Gandohar (the baddie that locked him up in the first place) so he can find his sister without that monkey on his back. I can’t wait to play through and find out why they have turned to the light.

@Gamer also touched on some of the new multiplayer features in Two Worlds II. There’s co-op campaign which will offer 5-7 hours of gameplay (you can replay missions to extend the gameplay). Some of the co-op missions and the Player vs. Player feature will support up to 6 players at one time. Then there was the “Village Mode” (name pending) which had me most curious. The article claims it will enable you to “grow your town” so that you can get better weapons and even invite your friends over for a visit. This is a cool feature in my opinion. I’ve always enjoyed games that let you micro manage your town. Animal Crossing, Fable II, Dark Cloud, and Assassin’s Creed II come to mind.

One other quick little detail they delved into was with the new spell system. You now use cards to create new and different attacks. The cards can be “stacked” and a simple fireball can turn into a “wide fan comprised of multiple fiery projectiles” which obviously will deal a lot more damage. You can also disassemble your weapons and gear and use the base components to upgrade other weapons and gear, making them stronger. I eat this stuff up when playing rpg’s. Bring it on!

All I had to say after reading through this article is, “Is it out yet?!?!?!” Thanks for reading this and I hope you are as excited about Two Worlds II as I am.

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