Destination Arcade Limited To This Summer

The Summer of Arcade promotion is fast approaching, and with it comes the new Destination Arcade application. This new application promises to help keep your arcade titles organized while also letting you find new releases much easier. Unfortunately, there seems to be a strange limitation on the application.

destination arcade

According to an update to Major Nelson’s blog, Destination Arcade “will only be available for the duration of the Summer of Arcade promotion which ends August 18th.” He further clarifies the statement in the comments by stating, “My understanding is that it will only be available during the Summer of Arcade. After that, you will not be able to use it.”

So, this portal to the Xbox Live Arcade will only be available to those of us in the United States through the middle of August. Then, it will cease to function. Personally, I didn’t really see the need for a dedicated application to help me keep up with the Xbox Live Arcade, but that doesn’t mean other people wouldn’t find it useful.

destination arcade

Why develop something like this that will only be available for a little over a month? Is it possible the less than stellar reception given to Microsoft’s Gameroom caused them to rethink their strategy?

This kind of thing coupled with the Kinect pricing blunder (that still has yet to be resolved!) point to some possible problems in Microsoft’s Xbox division. It could just be coincidence, or it could be symptomatic of something more. Until we hear something firm about Kinect’s price or get an explanation about Destination Arcade, I think Microsoft’s PR problems are just going to continue.

Hopefully they won’t announce a puny 4GB model of their new Xbox 360 S. That would just be silly.

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  • It’s probably just a testing phase to gain feedback and they will release it with the new Kinect dashboard.

  • um, why? This really doesn’t make any sense why they would only have it up for a month after the time, money and effort they put into building this.

    I already like the way it looks more then the current option, again, why only a month?