• Dirk

    Steam was the entire reason I moved to the PS2 for gaming. I did not like being told I had to insall additional software to play my favorite video games. Just like I will not buy the new Starcraft when it comes out because of similar issues despite my PC being able to run it.

    • INstead

      So you are buying a piece of hardware, on which you can play only a small amount of games, in order to escape the enforcements of the publishers? That makes absolutely no sense.

      • wtfwtfwtf

        PS2 has over 3,000 different games stupid and it has over 50 must have games and over 100 other games that are highly worth playing…

        I don’t see what the deal is with having to download one thing of software that is actually useful and has some free games on it. I think Steam is good. The only problem is it doesn’t let me start a game that I got off of Steam unless I am online with Steam started unless I go through program files(x86) and start it from its .exe there.

        • Ben Hiebing

          What are you talking about, just start steam in offline mode. Nothing super special needs to been done.

  • John Lock

    No windows 7, wtf. steam fk

    • Ghoul

      i have been told that you can run windows 7 in an XP mode which i have been told will run games correct me if im wrong

  • Great article. I must admit I was one of the skeptics when Steam was initially released, but look at it now. I think it’s fantastic, and I’m a little selfish in saying this but I wish Steam would remain a PC exclusive application.

    For those gamers that are still against Steam — you really have no excuse now. Modern PC’s can easily run this in the background, it’s ensuring that games have a future on the PC, and also I have zero issues running this on Win7 x64.

  • Rut3g3r

    Nice Article!
    I was impressed by Steam’s recent facelift – being able to look up a game and have access to update news, videos, demos,dlc and so on is really convenient. They’ve still to convince me on the benefits of digital distribution, though- with no physical components, there’s no reason to charge the same a a boxed copy. Automatic patching is a great idea, though, and takes the sting out of PC gaming. It’ll be interesting to see what it adds to the PS3.

    • I agree with your thoughts on how disital distribution can charge the same (or at launch) more than phyical versions, but the Steam sales are too damn good now that I only buy games that are in the sales now (which are a least once a month)

  • Kaitomiki

    I got steam, I brought 21 ID game pack for a special price. Its madness and i love it!!!!

  • Sigd

    Main point you missed

    1. No MORE CD/DVD required in the CD/DVD drive ! This is my key reason for using Steam.


    2. New PC, easy set-up. No need to find all your old CD/DVD, just load steam and download everything you ever purchased.

    3. Gaming away from home? At Granmas house? Login to steam and download your games. All you need is your username and password.

  • Gern

    I concerned about the options to play offline, with no internet connection. I have never bought a download game for PC because of this. For example, on vacation I’m going to a place with no internet access. I will not use Staem as long as steam requires an internet connection for authorization each time you start the game.

    • Ben Hiebing

      You do not need to be connected to the internet to use Steam. Please people stop saying this.

      • so if i buy a brand sparkling new game from, lets say, EB Games. and i dont have any internet connection, i can still play my awesome new game. not the way my experiance went down. gotta use the internet at least once to play the games

  • Daniel

    Steam is a wonderful thing. I bought Borderlands + all DLC for 20 bucks. Bioshock I and II for thirty bucks. GTA IV for $5. Who needs to pirate games with such cheap prices one-click installation! Plus, no CD cracks needed!

    Oh, yeh, don’t believe the misinformation. You don’t need an online connection to play your games. STEAM IS NOT RUN BY UBISOFT!

  • raven1281

    Gaming was made on the PC and the console become more and more like PC’s every day so I will say this PC gaming will never die. Please people stop buying Steam games, you letting them control the game you payed for. Its your property now. and please don’t argue this with me, if somebody was to take this game from my home it is considered theft. Don’t buy from steam, post on game makers webs site that if they put their games on steam we will not buy them.

  • raven1281

    Daniels an Idiot, the prices are cheap because they control your game.

    You may not need the online connection to play the game, but lets see if you can do that when you install it. Or if steam decides to disable your account, or if somebody hijacks your account. Which is another reason not to use steam. If somebody hijack your account they now have all the game you just payed for and steam support wont even bother with you if you don’t send them a scanned image of you cd keys.

  • I love STEAM. I think that it will go down the pioneer of digital distribution. When I finally have a PC that can run most of the titles I want to play, I’ll be getting them from Steam. To hell with the physical media. Cloud gaming for the win!

    Great piece, Mark.

    p.s.: I currently own Torchlight, Indigo Prophecy, Rome Total War Gold, Mass Effect, and Last Remnant for STEAM.

  • I have a very slow broadband connection 1MB is considered good where I live (the countryside) steam is a damn torment. It slows down everything and renders some games unplayable. As a result I never buy any steam associated games . And to be honest I never will. Who are they to tell me I can’t trade in my old games?

  • Physical copies of anything are so rudimentary… Even bluray discs are considered primitive compared to the almighty storage device. No, I can’t sell the games I bought, but I CAN access all of them anywhere from any computer. Does anybody actually earn that much money selling their PC games anyway? I can’t lend games to my friends, but I can lend them my account if they want to try out a game I own to maybe buy it after. Oh, and downloadable content doesn’t scratch ;D

    I bought almost 200 games on steam, and I can play them forever 😀 FOREVER >:D

    Like all computers, there is always a chance that you get hacked and lose your account, but there are steps to counter these kinds of things. I will admit that Steam’s biggest weakness is the very, very slow customer support department, so getting your account back might take weeks (I’m guessing).

    But without a doubt, Steam is the most convenient, efficient and ingenious gaming system ever made. With laptops, hard drive space and internet connections achieving an unprecedented amount of power, Steam exploits modern technology and brings games to gamers in the easiest way possible. Consoles are becoming computers, and powerful laptops reach insanely low prices. Chances are PCs will become the ultimate final consoles in the future.

    I must also add that it gives good light to small indie games as much as big titles.