Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Predictions

A lot of the information about the game is still a closely guarded secret, what we do know is that the games story, will take you across four different universes each with their own uniquely skilled Spider-man.

On the official websitethey have revealed three of the four universes: 2099, Amazing Spider-man and Noir.

We also know that all Spider-men will be voiced by someone who has played Spider-man in the past.

Actor In Game: Spider-man Past Spider-man
Christopher Daniel Barnes Noir Spider-Man TV series from 1994-1998
Dan Gilvezan Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” ….1981-1983
??? Amazing Spider-man ???
??? ??? ???

A quick IMDB search (removing non official entries such as Kyle Justin from the Angry Video Game Nerd) shows who is left:

Actor Past Spider-man
Josh Keaton The Spectacular Spider-Man 2008-2009
Toby Maguire Spider-Man Movie Trilogy
Sam Vincent Spider-Man Cameo in Fantastic Four 2006
Neil Patrick Harris Spider-Man (2003)
Rino Romano Spider-Man Unlimited 1999 – 2001
Dan Poole The Green Goblin’s Last Stand (1992)
Ted Schwart Spider-Man TV series 1981-1987
Nicholas Hammond The Amazing Spider-Man TV series 1978-1979
Paul Soles Spider-Man TV series 1967-1970

There is also the wildcard of recently announced Andrew Garfield who plays Spider-man in the currently untitled Spider-man reboot (2012)

The next reveal is due at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 22, 2010. My completely unscientific prediction is: Josh Keaton (as he is the most recent Spider-man) and the Marvel Zombies universe as the fourth and final universe.

If they don’t use the Marvel Zombies universe, then it is certainly a good candidate for any DLC, especially as in this universe Spider-man has the cosmic powers of Galactus.

What are your predictions?  What universe would you like to see Spidey in? Who do you want to voice Spider-man?  Please leave your suggestions or predictions below.

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  • Dillon

    It almost certainly gonna be Black costumed Spidey, probably in the Ultimate Universe