Unsung Heroes Of Video Games – Vol. 2

Hello fellow Platform Nation Readers. Welcome to my second installment of Unsung Heroes of Video Games. This is my mini-series where each Tuesday I pay tribute to those “behind the scenes” workers in our video games. Without these people and their hard work, our games would just plain ol’ suck.

Last week I paid tribute to the cleaning ladies and how they do an awesome job of “taking out the trash”. Well this week’s honoree has the same work ethic as the cleaning ladies do. Sometimes they even work side by side to make our gaming experience a pleasure. Let’s give a heavy metal salute to the Roadies!

The Roadies’ main  job is to make sure any and all boxes, crates, barrels, chests, and any other interactive objects in your game are put back in place after you are done playing around. Now imagine if you will, how sucky a game of Tomb Raider or any other puzzle-solving platformer/action/adventure game would be if you screwed up with a crate placement. It got smashed, or fell over the edge, or just got stuck. No fear. All you need to do is leave the room or even just pan the camera to another location, and the Roadies are on it. They put everything back in place in a snap. Their puma-like reflexes and ability to stay unnoticed suit them perfectly for this job.

Our Roadies come from the rock-n-roll boneyard. They were once proud members of kick-ass metal bands from the 70’s and 80’s. For some reason or another though the bands either split up or faded out of the public’s eye leaving our brawny men unemployed. The cheese line was no place for these road warriors and many contemplated  swallowing their pride and working for acts like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Luckily though the advancement of video games has brought them new found glory and saved them the shame of adult contemporary touring.

So let’s bust out our air guitars and thrash to this week’s unsung heroes. Roadies, I Salute You! “Dun dun duhhh… dun dun du duhhhh”

*Author’s Note: This article is a work of fiction and is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take it seriously. Oh and please feel free to leave a comment telling me whether you liked this article or not. Thank You.

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