Walmart Reveals New Kinect Bundle

Even though no official price confirmation has been made concerning Microsoft’s new “hands-free” gaming peripheral, that hasn’t stopped some retailers and even Microsoft’s own online store to forgo the press-release mating-dance and outright peg its $150 price-tag.

And now, acting as the bundle-harbinger of this motion-apocalypse, Walmart has revealed the first Kinect hardware/game pack-in. Priced at a wallet-numbing $199, this package will net you: 1 Kinect camera, 1 Kinect game of your choice and a $30 eGift card only good at

Will I be purchasing this bundle? Maybe. Two-hundred dollars is still a quite hard bargain in my eyes, even though I am captivated by the thought of doing the Carlton in Dance Central. Now, if only Hideo Kojima would read those letters I sent him, I may get the Metal Gear Solid: Rising support I long for so dearly.

Source: via Kotaku

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Oooooo… that bundle could be nice. My only problem is I hardly ever buy anything from 90% of my online buying is done at Amazon.

  • Yeah, it sounds like a decent deal at $200, what with the free game and gift card. I don’t really buy from WalMart either, though, and I’ll probably wait to see if the price goes down at all before release.