Win Zentia PC Closed Beta Keys!

Bow down before me!

What’s up Platform Nation community. Feel like winning some free closed beta keys for a new MMORPG game? Well we have quite a few keys for the closed beta of Zentia.

Don’t know what Zentia is? Let me fill you in. Zentia is the latest 3D MMORPG which takes place in a beautiful, mystical world created using cartoon-style art. The game features unique, multi-passenger mounts, extensive pet systems, and an exciting new approach to characterization. For even more info, head to

Now you ask how can I play get into this beta? Well, it’s quite simple.

Leave a comment below with what you think is the best MMORPG nickname?

We will pick some random winners later on today and tomorrow so use your real email address so we can contact you.

While your here, check out the trailer and some great looking screenshots below.

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  • kosmolson

    Have to say the funniest i saw was Emmabumsmella

  • nerdapalooza

  • seanindiana

    I think Zero is the best MMORPG nickname in my opinion.

  • Savagewarlord89

    I agree Zero is the best MMORPG out that or Aion

  • Edinko

    best ive ever seen, imafatbuttsitting

  • sauwer

    the best i see is , unknow XD

  • john

    i think the best ive seen was s0uld3v0urer666

  • Sebastian


  • micaela

    i think that’d be RO, now everyone uses it

  • dougff9

    i guess jellybuddy

  • wingey001

    i’d say something toon/ sci fi related and go Darth_Bebi.

  • legalizado


  • Leonardo

    New Best game

  • Zeiro

    I think Zenatia is the best.

  • thiago


  • Imah-night-owl

  • Ave

    mustache i saw once as a nickname lol

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