Would You Play More PS3 Games If They Were Trophy Enabled?

So I was digging through my games a few days ago making a list of one’s I’d like to go back and play through again, or finish. When I pulled out Folklore I couldn’t remember if it was trophy enabled, so I went to look it up. Well, that was a negative. Obviously then, that game went to the back of the pile.  (I need to build my trophy collection back up since my account was deleted a few months ago…)

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So this got me thinking… How many other people out there have games that they want to either purchase or play again but don’t because there are no trophy’s?

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 I asked on Facebook to a few friends if they had any games they would want to be trophy enabled:

Trent Ferguson – YES OMG YES, let just say. . . . . Metal Gear Solid 4!!!! FFS

Mark Madaba – MGS4 FTW and yes for it to get trophies. and Heavenly Sword as well, I got everything in that game….but nothing to show for it 🙁

Twitter showed that people are thinking the same way!

@SIGGY_P – Everyday Shooter on PSN also deserves a trophy patch. Call of Duty 4 didn’t have trophies either. Think I mentioned this before but Metal Gear Solid 4 and Valkyria Chronicles need trophies. Both games are so damn good.

@Rogue77 – MGS 4. Also, it would be awesome if there were PSP trophies.

What games would you purchase if they became trophy enabled?

What games would you replay if they became trophy enabled?

Would you buy a PSP or play more games on it if it was also trophy enabled?

Let’s get these questions answered and get our opinions known!

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  • To spend more time on the games, if I thought the trophies were achievable.

    For example, I don’t think I’m ever going to win a Civ:Rev game by year 1000 in King or higher.

    Right now, though, the trophies are actually keeping me from playing PS3 games, as I haven’t updated and trophies are stored on the PSN, so anything I get between now and if/when I update will be lost forever.

    Which is why I traded my FFXIII to the 360 version: If I’m going to spend several hours leveling up to max out the specializations, I better have a record of that.

    I’m also running around replaying Fallout 3, as I want to complete the achievements for that (again, they are doable).

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    My answer is Yes. I love Trophies/Achievements. I don’t whore them either. You won’t find Avatar on my games list anywhere. I would never stoop to that level. But what I do have, I have played because I wanted to play the game and get as much out of it as I could. So yes, I would love to see MGS4 with Trophies. I actually already own the game. I’m just waiting and hoping that someday all the old games will be updated.

  • I have sort of a love-hate relationship with trophies / achievements. The “ding” of unlocking something new is always pleasing, but it makes me a much more obsessive compulsive gamer.

    That said, Valkyria Chronicles is probably my favorite pre-mandatory-trophy-support game, and adding the little buggers would be all the impetus I’d need to buy the “EX Hard mode” DLC and give it another playthrough.

  • I definitely think that adding trophies to games that didn’t have them before is a good idea, but I think they should take it a step further and after they add the trophies they should give you all the trophies you would have gotten if you’ve played through the game already if you load up the game once it becomes trophy-enabled. For example, I had beaten Uncharted and literally days later it became trophy enabled so I missed out on a ton of trophies.

  • great topic and the lack of achievements was a main reason why i originally preferred Xbox games over PS3 ones. For me, Sony have missed the boat for me and trophies. I have a completely different attitude to PS3 games as I do to PC and Xbox ones. I buy only the PS3 exclusive ones now and they generally are all trophy enabled now. My backlog of PS3 games are also all trophy enabled.

  • Spiral_INfinity

    Of course the highest response is gonna be MGS4 I beat it once. Still have it never played the Vs. didn’t care to find stuff or not kill the Beauty/Beast cause the in game incentive was.. I dunno I didn’t care. But add Trophies yeah I’d pop it back in. Val Chronicles is the same thing it came out the week prior to trophies and never got it I hit a wall in the game realized no trophies didn’t really matter if i finished it or not. It’s odd i still play last gen games an think was fun really the only reason we played this what was wrong with us!?

  • LOL You know, I never thought about that. We played tons of games before there were trophys, now we’re spoiled!!:)

  • trophies are awesome i like the some games without them tho like mgs4 and elder scrolls 4 oblivion but they would be that much better with trophies so yeah i want trophies it makes me want to play games again and again and again 🙂

  • Jamie

    I would play any game as long as it’s trophy enabled. It opens my eyes to games I would have never thought to play, and some of them I end up really liking. Also if I don’t like the game, at least I got something from playing it.

  • MGSfan

    so far, there are two ways this could go.

    Either trophies are made and MGS4 makes a ton of money via fans who want to buy/rebuy it, but MGS5 would be delayed. Bear in mind trophies are the carrot on the stick for some gamers and this patch could get more people in to the MGS franchise.

    So, what is it to be Kojima, shall MGS remain a cult favourate? or are you ready for your work to be appriciated for the awesome designer you are?

  • MGSfan

    i forgot to say the MGS4 issue, lol

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