Final Fantasy Creator Tells His Last Story

Founder of the game studio Mistwalker and most notably the creator of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has claimed that Mistwalker’s upcoming game The Last Storymight be [his] last work“. From reading the poorly translated blog post on the Japanese Mistwalker blog, it seems that the team and Sakaguchi have poured all of their energy into this game and need a break.

That’s a true shame. Even though Mistwalker has had an iffy track record since the company’s inception, they still managed to capture my heart with their games. I absolutely loved Lost Odyssey. It was very traditional in every sense of the word, but it was a polished experience with a great cast of characters and a fantastic story (that totally made me cry). The Last Story looks to have some potential and I’ll be sure to pick it up knowing that it may be the last I’ll see of Sakaguchi.

(Kotaku via Mistwalker Blog)

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  • Aww… Sucky! Everyone needs to retire at some point though!

    • True, guy has been at it for what seems like a lifetime now. I’m more disappointed by that fact that we wont be seeing anything from him and Mistwalker. I felt they were just starting to get the hang of things development wise. I’m hopeful that Mistwalker at least continues making games without Sakaguchi.