Is There A Kevin Butler On The Move?

One of my highlights of E3 wasn’t about a new game being unveiled at all; it was just simply seeing Kevin Butler appear on stage and begin trash talking. It’s arguably, one of the best moments of a conference in the history of conferences. The man’s an entertainer, but alas, he was only a vision of his creator, Eric Hirshberg. Recently however, Eric has been interviewed by the likes of Kotaku and IGN, confirming that he’s moved from Sony to Activision starting this September. He claims that they’re a few perception issues with Activision’s appeal to gamers, all of which he wants to remedy, and not just with a second Kevin Butler.

So what’s happening to our plump-bellied hero? Nobody’s really sure; “Kevin Butler was the right solution for Sony” Hirshberg told Kotaku, but the decision for what Erin plans to do with Activision haven’t been thought up yet. “I’m not in the building yet,” he said. “I only have my perceptions as a outsider to go on. I think that Activision, based on the number of great gaming experiences they have delivered, should be a more beloved brand than you would think they are by reading the core-gaming blogosphere.” “I think I will be helping to kind of find an equilibrium between that and the general tone of the public discourse.”

However, it won’t just be marketing Hirshberg will be working on this time around, a position that reports to Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl and CEO Robert Kotick. “I’m really looking forward to having a relationship with developers,” he said. “That is one of the biggest attractions to me: Building a creative culture, attracting the best creative talent; the chance to do that on a completely different stage and a stage I’m equally passionate about.” Well, Activision could sure use some help with their image, not that I really care though. Ironic really, the only thing that bothers me is if Kevin Butler is on the move as well, which would no doubt, be an absolute tragedy.

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