Music Games Need Def Jam Rapstar

The music game genre has been on lock down, and is in a state of emergency. From over saturation, to band specific games, Hannah Montana DLC, and while a few entries offer new game play modes, we’re still hitting the same old chords.

I need a change, a revolution of some kind. Something that I personally can get into, because as much as I love getting on the drum-kit or guitar and playing  my usual set list of “More Than A Feeling” and “Say It Ain’t So”, and don’t get me wrong here, I love what’s been offered by the current music games and Rock Band’s DLC song flow cant be touched by anyone, period. But the recent Guitar Hero 5’s multiplayer game modes like Momentum, and Do Or Die were great and added something fresh to the game, but in the end I’m still hitting the same ol’ frets to the same ol’ songs.

But come October 2010, no longer will I be stuck to the same ol’, same ol’ that we are used to, because newly founded 4mm Games and developer Terminal Reality (who developed the BloodRayne games and 2009’s Ghostbusters video game) will be providing the masses with hip-hop. Yes, hip-hop. Rap music, the music of the streets. The music that I love no matter how “too” conscious, political, or material it can become – and I know the material songs will be included, I’ am a feverish hip-hop fan. Which is why naturally why I’ am excited for Def Jam Rapstar to release this year.

Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M

C.R.E.A.M Get The Money

While it can be said that a rap game wont offer anything new to the music genre, I reply that you can not knock it, until you try it. And by the numbers, we all have contributed a good amount of play time and money to the current music games available. I’m on Xbox Live a lot, and when ever I attempt to find a game on Rock Band, I’m met with a finding player’s screen longer that would it should take for a game with such staying power. And if I do find a game, I can expect only two players, three including myself as drummer. So not only are current music games on a decline in the replay department, but the microphone is getting no love from current rockers, whether it be players to embarrassed to try and flex the golden vocals, or just dealing with songs that we don’t know, or don’t have the octaves to sing to. But come October 2010, the mic will be left behind no longer.

A reason we can expect Rapstar to excite the music genre, is because its a new genre of music. Number one, we can experience new songs from veteran hip-hop artists like the Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and Slick Rick to newer artists like Kanye West, T.I., and Drake. And surely we can expect a stream of content for future download of new songs from various artist within the Def Jam catalog.

Lil Wayne A Milli

Get Your Rhymes Right

The feature though, that will keep players returning to this game over our usual music games, and that will keep the replay value alive will be the social features of the game. If you have a cam for your preferred system, you’ll be able to take a video of yourself and upload it to the Def Jam website. There other rap hopefuls can challenge your video with one of their own in the form of a battle and the public can judge on a winner. Expect statistics, win-loss records, and reputations to be associated with each player. Imagine if they add Twitter, or a Facebook feature with the ability to post your own videos to friends. Or to be scanning through your videos at home, or at school and seeing voters and finding new challengers to your video. It adds the kind of depth that music video games right now need. But come October 2010, it’ll be something that we’ll all have.

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