The Death Of PC Zone

Gamers in the UK will have been used to seeing PCZone for sale on the magazine shelves for a few years now. In fact they will have been used to seeing it there for almost the past 20 years.  Founded in 1993, PCZone  is was one of the world’s longest running PC magazines but a blog post from the team at ComputerandVideoGames yesterday confirmed that the next issue of PCZone will be it’s last.  Issue 225 will be the last but the team has promised to go out with a bang.

Yes, it’s true. Following a strategic review of Future’s PC games portfolio, the company is now consulting the PC Zone team about the proposed closure of the magazine, with effect from issue 225 (on-sale 2nd September).

That’s all we can say for now. But rest assured: if 225 does turn out to be PC Zone’s final issue, we’re going to break ourselves to make it a bloody brilliant finale to 17 years and 5 months of the best PC gaming magazine the world’s ever seen.

The PC Zone Team

Some will say it’s inevitable with the rise in popularity of online magazines and gaming sites.  Everyone wants their gaming news to be instant and as magazines tend to be monthly, it was increasingly challenging to ensure the content was fresh.

Other will claim that this is just another nail in the PC gaming coffin.  PCZone is the self proclaimed “Britain’s best PC games magazine” and if the leading PC games magazine has to close, what hope is there for the others?

As a long time subscriber who had decided prior to this announcement to cancel my subscription when it runs out (coincidently) next month, I’ll still be sad to see PCZone close its doors.

Thanks for the memories guys.

Source: CVG

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  • Mervyn Robinson

    Sad to see it go…
    This is just one more way in which the public face of PC gaming is dying – no boxed games or magazines on shelves.
    The mag had been on the ropes for a while, with staff leaving and editors changing every few months. It was expensive, too, mainly due to a disc filled with stuff that I never used and I could have downloaded for free. The writing was great, though, really funny and clever stuff. No doubt the guys will keep producing great work somewhere else – though I imagine it’ll be online rather than in print.