Dead Rising 2 Limited Edition Packshots.

If you are waiting for Dead Rising 2 to arrive, you live in America and you like Limited Editions then you are in luck. brings you details and images of the Limited Edition to be released for Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 on 28th September.

As well as including a steelbook Zombrex case the limited edition will include:

  • A syringe pen,
  • 25-page prescription notepad,
  • safety card,
  • sales brochure,
  • and art book,

There are however different flavours of the editions depending on which console you pick it up on, and they each contain unique additions.

  • PlayStation 3: Blu-ray disc with a 24 minute making of Dead Rising 2 featurette and a code for a dynamic XMB theme.
  • Xbox 360: Disc with the Zombrex Dead Rising sun movie and the making of featurette.

The Dead Rising 2 limited edition retails for $79.99.

As a starter before the main event, Capcom will release original downloadable content exclusively on Xbox Live with Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO. This prologue which entirely consists of content not available in the full retail release of Dead Rising 2 will introduce new protagonist Chuck Greene and provide a link between the original game and the events that await players in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.

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