Kane & Lynch 2 Promises Extra Loot With Pre-orders

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men wasn’t the most warmly received of titles upon its release a few years back. Critics bemoaned its dated graphics, wonky controls, and frequently gratuitous potty mouth, whilst sales were so slow that it was languishing in the bargain bins barely six months after hitting the shelves. The game wasn’t entirely devoid of fans though, thanks to its intriguing mix of balls-out action and innovative gameplay ideas. As a result, there will be at least some in the gaming community with half an eye on the upcoming sequel, which is now due for release a week earlier than expected, as previously reported on Platform Nation.

Square Enix today announced a little sweetener to the deal for anybody thinking of pre-ordering Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, with a host of exclusive content promised for those who put their money where their suitably foul mouth is. Apparently anyone with a pre-order on Dog Days can look forward to getting their grubby mitts on the “Tools of the trade” bonus package, comprising the following:

  • Exclusive Multiplayer Map – The Radio Tower
  • Glazer, the Expats crime boss, has been hired to collect dirty cash from an abandoned factory in the run down area of Shanghai where old communist monuments are soon to be demolished. It is the perfect location for a deal to go down and everyone will need to be ready to work together and be prepared to get in & out quickly with the $4 Million.
  • Seven new weapons, including:
  • TQR ELITE (Police reg.: 9791A242) Highly advanced US Assault rifle.
  • TQR SBR (Police reg.: 8593-A503) custom-made sub-machine gun. Found in the aftermath of the Shuang Xi Restaurant massacre.
  • STEELE 870 (Police reg.: 2610-G991) US standard shotgun. Found on the Suzhou river bank.
  • KALININGRAD 47 (Police reg.: 1574-A087) Customized MG. Found in Bus Terminal near Nanjing Lu.
  • PAC 10 SILENCED (Police reg.: 4838-A854) Small low-grade MG w/silencer. Retrieved from the Golden Flower Apartment Complex gang incident.
  • DORETTA SILENCED (Police reg.: 9551-D854) Hand Gun w/ silencer. Found in a public toilet off Mali Lu.
  • N77P SILENCED (Police reg.: 2317-A746) Standard issue Police Revolver w/Silencer. Found by the Pu Dong Docks.
  • Eight Chinese costume masks — The last thing any would-be criminal wants is for someone to identify them. Use one of the eight stolen masks to ensure you remain unidentified.

The original Kane & Lynch divided opinion amongst gamers to an astonishing degree, so it seems unlikely that the goodies listed above will change the minds of too many people. However, if you’re one of those who enjoyed the thrills and spills of the original, this may just be a reason to splash out some of your hard-earned rather than waiting to pick up the sequel on the cheap.

Source: The Gaming Liberty

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