Get Ready To Explore – DarkStar One: Broken Alliance Landing Soon

If you haven’t gotten your fill of space exploration games, be prepared to set aside some time for Kalypso’s DarkStar One: Broken Alliance.  Boasting a universe that features over 330 solar systems to explore, you will be immersed in a massive campaign that involves you as a young upstart of a pilot chasing down your father’s murderer, expanding the capabilities of your ship, and trying to stop an alien race from taking over the universe.

I get the vibe of an open ended exploration game similar to Star Control 2 or Oblivion mixed with a morale system of  a SW:KOTR or Mass Effect.  Much of your game play will take place as you travel from port to port, and you’ll be picking up missions, companions, and ship upgrades along the way.  It’s in the Strategy/Simulation category, so don’t expect FPS shootouts, think overhead battles and control.  This was a PC game series that is being tailored for the Xbox 360, and I expect it will pull it off well (and fills a niche that is lacking for the system).

The universe may be massive, but you will have some help in that it will be broken down into smaller groups that make exploration a little more manageable, and you will gain access to jumping across large quantities of space as you unlock your ship’s capabilities.

The single-player campaign will forgo multi-player in favor of giving you the best single-player experience possible.  I would set aside a good portion of your week for this one if I were you.

Set for a July 20, 2010 release, DarkStar One: Broken Alliance will be available on the Xbox 360 for $49.99.  Don’t miss out on living out your inner space explorer, jump into DarkStar One later this month!

Features from their website:


  • Action and adventure in one exciting package – an innovative hybrid game that moves the player seamlessly between story-driven adventure, RPG customization and action-packed space battles
  • Play as pirate, trader, mercenary, bounty hunter, smuggler or assassin, configuring your ship accordingly, as the game world reacts to your actions and reputation
  • Explore a universe of more than 300 solar systems populated by 6 distinct alien races with unique ship designs, tactics, behaviors and realistic economies
  • Fully customize the DarkStar One with weapons, engines, shields and over 200 distinct components through trade, salvage, exploration and plunder
  • Amazing visuals and sound – enjoy more than 35 hours of true 1080p High Definition gameplay, over 40 minutes of cut-scene storytelling and 90 minutes of original music

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Damn, this sounds cool. It comes out in a few days and I’ve never heard of it. lol I’ll have to check this out some more. Thanks for the heads up Tym.