“Flash” To MochiGames

Clicking around the Internet can lead you to some great sites, like ones that work at being great boredom killers. Console gaming always seems to get to that point where every game you play seems like it is out to defeat you. Hours of playing hardcore games for example games like Call Of Duty, Final Fantasy or for that matter most any game that requires a lot of time can wear most any gamer out. How do you recharge without quitting gaming all together, but also keep from wanting to throw a controller through your TV screen? Sites have been created with games that are quick pick up and go type games with relatively easy controls that don’t require a manual to play. Thanks to great minds we can keep sane but continue to game even when we have to stay away from our system of choice.

If you are familiar with flash games you my know of such sites as New Grounds which is packed with flash awesomness including games. Maybe you have been led to the world of flash games through sites like Addicting Games. Visiting either site is a great way to be brought into the world of flash type games. Even major sites such as Myspace and Facebook have joined the flash game frenzy by making gaming areas for users. Go ahead just type flash games into your favorite search engine look at all the hits that come back. Some sites even have a pay to play feature where you can win money or so the say.

During my last trip around the net looking for some great flash games I found a site that provided some great treasures. There were the run of the mill normal flash games that any other site would have like balloons that has a monkey popping balloons with darts. There are also other classics such as cube crasher, bejeweled type games and the match 3 type games. That is where many of the similar type games end and the good stuff begins. Mochi Games the treasure I found has some unique games that make it a hidden gem in a sea of other flash sites. Games like shopping cart hero pits you as a crazy shopping cart rider that launches off a hill to go as far as possible. Like any other game of this type you get upgrades to push you farther. You will also find other games like Zombie Taxi that really doesn’t need much explaining you save passengers and squash zombies. With so many other great titles the site deserves at least a visit most should find at least one game to their liking.

Let me know what your favorite flash game is down in the comments below!!

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