The Round Table: 07/18/2010

I’ve had quite an eventful week. Won’t go into specifics but I’ve pretty much embarrassed myself to a leading videogame publication, gained the support of another and working on something extreme all the while. For a teenager, this summer is going to be the most work-hard of all that I’ve had. Except that summer I spent counting the blades of grass, that wasn’t fun. Although it did teach me a lot about grass and French architecture… somehow.


How much does story matter to you?

I’m hinting at a future essay, out by the end of the month, since it will deal with the complexity of ‘story’ in videogames. So I won’t bother with my opinion for once. That and it would end up turning into an actual essay.

Go go comment.

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  • I am a sucker for a good story. The mechanics of the game could be so-so and even the graphics could sub-par but if the storyline is there for me I am in as the other things get overridden by the storyline. I have played many games that I thought where “broke” in some way but I needed to see how the story finished out.

  • I love the stories behind games. Obviously it’s not something I NEED, but it makes the game much better!

  • Depends on the type of game, sometimes I like a game that doesn’t have a story and I can veg out. But others that have good stories help me overlook graphic/gameplay flaws (ie, Alan Wake). One pet peeve of mine is a great story that isn’t well written at the end. Game stories and movies are plagued with horrible endings.