DeathSpank Demo Impressions

DeathSpank appeared for download this week along with the demo.  As a longstanding fan of the Monkey Island series and also of role playing games in the mold of Diablo, I was very keen to get my hands on the action RPG game known as DeathSpank.

The demo I downloaded was for the Xbox360 from Xbox Live and the file size is a hefty 1GB.  The full game is available for 1200 MS Points but I’d recommend test driving the demo first as you can simply choose to buy it mid demo if you are liking what you are playing.

To give you some background on what the demo is about, you play the main hero who is on a quest to find the artifact which a witch has hidden down a mine.  As far as I could tell, the demo is actually the start of the full game but I cannot confirm this as I haven’t played the full game (yet!).  You are quickly thrown into some action, killing some animated undead as you walk towards the witches house.  Once you dispense of these ghouls and learn about a few of the control basics you are treated to some dialogue and you get an idea of the humour involved and the voice acting.  The humour is sharp and at times, really out there in terms of creativity and as DeathSpank is developed by the creators of The Secret of Monkey Island you will not be surprised to read that the humour is very similar.  The voice of DeathSpank is very much one you would expect from a comic book hero and actually reminded me of the voice from the cartoon The Tick.  It seemed very appropriate and amusing but I wonder how quickly it would get annoying in the full game.  However, as this is an impression of the demo, I will state now that the voice acting is very light-hearted and generally good.

The graphics are also very good and cartoony which helps the gamer to not take the game too seriously.  The backgrounds are detailed and the graphics artists have not been afraid to use plenty of bright colours.

The general gameplay is your typical action-RPG.  You have the choice to follow a main storyline of you can choose to complete a sidequest of two as you please.  By completing sidequests you are acquiring more skills points and leveling up your hero.

All in all, we have a generally fun game that really is the love child of Diablo and Monkey Island.  It’s a definite buy recommendation from me, but as a caveat I will also recommend trying out the demo as you will know pretty quickly if this is not the game for you.  The voice acting and humour may start to get on your nerves after playing the full game for any length of time.

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