Cheaters Never Prosper, Not Even In Red Dead Redemption

As a way to combat the delinquents, griefers and kiddos that ruin any online experience, Rockstar announced today that their next title update for Red Dead Redemption “will include measures to counter hacking and cheating.” The post says that anyone caught cheating or hacking will be summarily dealt with – hopefully with extreme prejudice.

Any of you who find enjoyment in other players’ misery will also be dismayed by this announcement, for Rockstar has plans for you as well:

“Those who are being bullied repeatedly in Free Roam will be given the option to flee by Transporting and respawning in a region of the map of their choosing. And those who are bullying repeatedly will face a new challenge: when a player gets a 6 kill streak in Free Roam, they will become “Most Wanted.””

So basically, act like a giant stooge and the law will be on your tail. Sounds good; playing in an open lobby has always been the least satisfying way to play Red Dead online, so perhaps this could add some law and order to the wild west. (Sorry, it was too easy.) We’ll see how well these implementations work when the update drops, sometime within the next month.

Source: Rockstar Games

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