Kinect Pricing And Bundles Detailed

Surprising exactly no one, Major Nelson has posted details on Kinect’s final pricing as well as detailing the bundles we will be seeing this holiday season.


Kinect Box

The Kinect camera will come bundled with Kinect Adventures and retail for $149.99. The Kinect Bundle will include the new Xbox 360 S Arcade, the camera, and Kinect Adventures for $299.99. The new Xbox 360 S Arcade will have 4GB of internal storage, a matte black finish and retail for $199.99. Surprisingly, Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride will retail for $49.99 on launch day, giving us a small price break on Microsoft’s first party Kinect titles.


Kinect 4GB Bundle

Buying the bundle nets you a small savings, although only 4GB of storage space seems a little anemic for a console that prides itself on offering games on demand and exclusive DLC. Of course, we all know that you can add storage space with any USB thumb drive, but that is an additional cost that could have been saved if Microsoft had just given the console a bigger drive. It sounds to me like they had to cut some cost corners to get Kinect in the box for only $299.99 and storage was the easy choice.

What say you about the pricing of Kinect? Microsoft took their time to announce the price while we all speculated and retailers posted pre-order pricing that was dead on. Does the bundle sound appealing, especially now that they’re throwing in a game? Is 4GB of storage on a console just too small now days? Let us know.

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