PS Plus or Minus?

We all knew it would happen.

When Sony announced the arrival of PlayStation Plus, they promised that the features that existed already would not change. But that promise left some wiggle room. And, now, we are beginning to see the effect that it will have on the PSN’s free service.

Tuesday, the Kane & Lynch 2 demo will be arriving on PSN. But only for PS Plus subscribers, everyone else has to wait another week. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the demo. I played about 10 minutes of the original Kane and Lynch and put it down. What worries me, is that this may be the first of many ways in which basic PSN users are going to be screwed.

In my opinion, the most important question we should be asking is, “When would basic PSN users have gotten this demo if PS Plus had never been created?” Now, I’m not a Sony executive, but I’m sure that basic PSN users would be getting it this Tuesday rather than next week. PS Plus doesn’t give subscribers early access, instead it gives everyone else late access.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened on the PlayStation 3. Qore was, in many ways, very similar. But PS Plus is a whole different animal. It was fairly obvious Qore was never going to survive. Anyone who subscribed to Qore knows that it hasn’t provided anything worth while in a long time. Sony’s heart never seemed as if it was truly in it. Anyone who subscribed to Qore knows that it hasn’t provided anything worth while in a long time. This time, Sony is serious. PS Plus is here to stay.

The key thing to remember in all of this, is that Sony said that basic PSN users would not be losing any of the features that had previously been provided. That statement has provided them a ton of wiggle room. Basic PSN users have never had the Kane & Lynch 2 demo, so technically giving it to PS Plus subscribers is not removing a feature. Basic users are simply losing a feature that they would have had.

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  • djratchet

    I think if you paid for ps+, then more power to you. This still is technically early access in the sense that ps+ are getting it before ps-. And I honestly don’t care that I get a demo one week later. It’s not a big deal. It’s just another perk of ps+ if you choose to get it. Now, if it was ONLY ps+ forever, then I would have issues with keeping a free demo away from people. But that is not the case.

  • ShadowMonkey987

    Xbox Live has been doing this for age’s

    Having Gold Member’s have early access to demo’s while a week later the Silver Member’s get access to the demo’s..

    This is nothing new really just Sony copying one of Microsoft’s Idea’s…

    And Sony Fanboys say PSN+ is better It’s just a clone of Xbox Live Gold (Only you don’t pay for online game’s)