Shank Date Announced

Shank the upcoming title made by Klei Entertainment distributed through EA Partners, (a division of Electronics Arts) will soon see the light of day. With no previous date announced Klei Entertainment’s arcade brawler Shank will see a release on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on August 24 and 25, respectively, for $15. Hothead’s DeathSpank was also just released through EA Partners.

Check out what Platform Nation writers had to say about DeathSpank:

Death Spank At A Glance By: John McMahon

Demo Impressions By: Mark Withers

Shank previously focused only on a single player portion of the game, but now will see a co-op mode but why?

1. We think co-op would rock, and everyone is asking for it

2. We don’t want to force it into the mainstory line, as we really designed the camera, the levels, the story, and the bosses to be played by a single person

3. In order for us to do co-op properly, we should really design levels and bosses specifically to be played that way

4. Let’s surprise the fans and create a special co-op campaign! That won’t be hard to do at all! (It was really god damn hard)

So why should you  as a consumer care? Is 14.99 Worth it?

  • Marianne Krawczyk — also the writer of God of War! Has also worked on Shank
  • Nominated in the Best of Action games for E3 2010 by IGN
  • Kotaku nominated it as Best of E3 2010
  • Blood blood and more blood
  • Amazing art styles

Check out some videos:

How about pictures:

Still not sure about the game check out the official website here: Shank

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