P*N Has Medal Of Honor Beta Codes…Want One?

What’s up Platform Nation community, you probably read today on P*N that the Medal of Honor beta has (finally) arrived on the Xbox 360. Well to celebrate this, Platform Nation has got a few codes to hand out today! Now if your one of the few that doesn’t know what Medal of Honor is…let me tell you a bit about it.

Medal of Honor is an upcoming FPS which is set in the modern-day Afghanistan. Developed by EA and DICE, you know you will have a top quality singleplayer & multiplayer experience. You play as a Tier 1 operator; a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors, who are called on when a mission must not fail. Step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan. There is a new enemy. There is a new war. There is a new warrior. He is Tier 1. This is Medal of Honor.

So now you want to find out how to win a code for the beta, to use on your Xbox 360. Well it’s simple

Leave a comment below telling us what your most looking forward to trying out in the Medal of Honor beta. That’s it!

We will pick a few winners later so make sure and use your real email address so we can contact you if you win. What you waiting for? Get commenting!

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  • Im looking forward to blowing up some campers!!!!

    • ciaran flynn

      i am looking forward to trying out the new guns and trying out the gamemodes and seeing tier 1 in action faceing the tallaban and most of all useing the m4a1

    • xNamtor

      im looking forward to playing as the Taliban because there is very good weapons like the ak


      hey, i notcied u have codes… ive been waiting a month and a half for beta and so i went to preorder it today and they had no codes left. I felt helpness and angry. It was confusing me how i preordered it and didnt get the code but people who didnt preorder it got the code. I am writing you today to ask for a code, the
      answer is no but its worth a shot. Please take my message into consideration

  • Brandon

    I can’t wait to try out the multiplayer and all the weapons 🙂

  • CheddaSmoke

    The Army Tank.

    • andrew

      What tank? I was watching gameplay last night and seen no TANK!

  • AtomicSlurpee

    I am all for finding a FPS that beings he best competition.

  • DICE created the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor. Does anything else really need to be said? You know they’re going to implement their trusty frost engine, which means plenty of destruction. Kinda sold on that fact alone.

  • I really wanna see how DICE made this MP different then their own game! Obviously can’t be as good as BFBC2 but hope its playable!

  • tariqari

    I’m looking forward to seeing what DICE has improved upon from their previous titles 😀

  • Talor

    Looking forward to shooting some friends in the face!

  • jacktheknife13

    I’m looking foward to all the hype around the developer and people say beta is slopy id like to c for myself.

  • Marc

    I want to see what in the environment can be dstroyed.

  • brandon johnson

    im loooking forward to a game/beta were the looks and feel are like battlefield but the guns and ranking system is like call of duty. also it looks like they have added some of are fav guns from both games should be interesting

  • CheddaSmoke

    If there is no Tank involved i thought there would be. i just seen a MoH beta gameplay on Youtube i am looking forward to trying out the Mortar strike.

  • itsJOHNO

    It has to be seeing what DICE has done to bring the Medal of Honor series back!

    I have fond memories of playing MOH:Rising Sun and well, with DICE now developing the series – I cant wait to have even more great memories!

  • Chris Dunning

    I have seen a tonne of footage on-line and have loved every bit of it. A blend of the mildly tactical and almost always amazing gameplay of Bad Company 2 mixed with the intense close combat high adrenaline filled fights of Modern Warfare with (apparently) far less screaming kids.

    Sounds like a recipe for success.

    I would really love to try the beta on the Xbox 360 as I want to experience this phenomenal blend for myself.

  • Jonathan

    I am really eager to test out the weapon customizations in the MoH Beta so I can compare them to other similar games like Call of Duty and BF2. I hope I get to try it out!

  • I’ll look forward to try a game that FINALLY works as a good FPS should work, balanced, competitive and fun. Can’t wait 😀

  • Nick

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the multiplayer plays out compared to the Modern Warfare series. I am also interested in seeing a different perspective of a video game based on a modern war.

  • I would love to play the beta of Medal of Honour ….. especially on my 360, I received a code for the PS3 … but I dont have one …. so I was gutted when I received it and had to give it away .

  • Kyle Bolton

    I’m pretty much looking forward to blowing the fuck out of people. That’s it.

  • Jon

    Looking forward to seeing what DICE has done with destructible environments!!

  • budmaceone

    I’m looking fwd to trying out an alternative to CoD.

  • Damien

    I’m looking forward to the Snipers and the Campaign

  • exterminator13

    I am most looking forward to the awesome visuals

  • Looking forward to another chance at shooting you in the face Andrew….

  • Jd8531

    I cant wait to play the objective game modes and mess around with the awesome gunz 😀