Sony’s New York City Preview

As we all know by now Sony has a lot of projects in the works and a lot of them we will see this by Christmas and some may not come for another year.  With that aside I was given the opportunity to attend a Sony event held in NYC at the Metropolitian Pavilion and see some of what is to come in our gaming future.  Some of the things I say got me excited and well some things I must say I will pass on.  I will give you the highlights of my day with Sony and try to give you a rundown of the games I played and the peripherals I used.

First I will touch on the PlayStation Move controllers as you where able to use them a lot because there where numerous games that used the Move.  My first impression of the controller was how do I use this.  But that was soon put aside as the buttons where almost the same as a PS3 controller I was used to with the familiar circle, square, triangle, and of course X.  The controller was very light and seemed well built, now I was ready to start to play.  But not yet as first you must sync your controls with the PlayStation Eye Camera and that proved to be a little tricky as I am tall and the camera had to be adjusted depending on how the Eye was set up.  I soon learned how to use the controller and I can’t say that I am sold on the Move as it didn’t seem responsive in all games that would fit the type of game I would like to play but it did seem to work well with other genres that where geared for the younger children.

So what about games you are asking?  There where a lot of games available to play and to be seen being played because let’s face some games are just as awesome to watch as they are to play and here is what I watched and or played.

First up I will start out with a Move game that didn’t seem to work well with the Move as they where experiencing a lot of problems with capturing the player and the responsiveness of the player moves and that was The Fight: Lights Out.  This game is brawler that is said to have 1:1 movement tracking and takes you to different environments to well beat the snot out of your opponent.  The games environment and movements when they worked where nice and even looked better while grabbing your opponent in a headlock and dropping an elbow to the head.  The finishing moves added a little humor to the fight as you would push you opponent down with one finger or you could blow him down by blowing into the PlayStation Eye. This game does require you to have two PS Move Motion controllers for it to be playable so if you pick up this game grab another Move controller because you will need it.  In defense of the game I was told the PlayStation Eye may be having some problems due to the sun coming in the window and I was asked who really plays with sunlight coming in the window.  Well for one I do as my room has a huge picture window so if I want this game to work well in my home I would have to close the blinds and drapes to get my fight on.

Next up is another Move game and this one is for all ages and was awesome to sit back and watch it being played and that was Little Big Planet 2.  Now who doesn’t love this game and if the Move where to sell you this would be the game to do it.  Sackboy returns and is filled with new abilities for you to use and you will be able to Play, Create and Share full scale games.  Lets not forget the new tools that you will be able to use.  This game will be sure to please so if you are going to be buying the Move look for Little Big Planet 2 and see what you can customize as the possibilities are as endless and with just a little  imagination you will Play, Share and Create levels for all to enjoy.

Let’s change speed here for a minute and lets talk a little bit about the PSP.  I know we are looking for that new title that will WOW us in to wanting to pick up our handheld and enjoy a game on the go and that title is God of War: Ghost of Sparta.  What do you get when you put Kratos into action in your PSP?  Well let me tell you.  You get all of the God of War action you would expect to see on a console.  This game is well polished and the graphics are similar to what you would expect from your PS2.  Yes they are that good.  The God of War series has always done one thing and that is push our consoles and handhelds to the limits and Ghost of Sparta is no different.  So if you are looking for some answers about Kratos this installment will give you those answers and will provide some awesome gameplay.  This game alone is a win win.  Even if you are not a fan of God of War or maybe you are new to the series check this one out.

Now here is a game that you don’t need the Move. But you may want a light on and that is Dead Space 2.  Our favorite horror-survival game is back and Isaac Clarke is up for round 2 taking apart Necromorphes limb by limb.  This game is another title that was on my radar and let me tell you folks this game is visually stunning.  From the gameplay to the graphics this game is the whole  package and is a first day buy for me.  Isaac is the lone survivor of a alien infestation and is making his way through a space station known as the Sprawl and is using whatever it takes to do it.  Take a look at this one further Dead Space fans as you will agree this game is awesome.

Yes Killzone fans I am going to let you in on what I seen from the upcoming Killzone 3 (3D).  Now before I start I want to say I got into a discussion about 3D TV earlier in the day and was really not sold on the concept of buying a new TV that supports 3D because my TV does everything I need it to do.  But once I strapped on those 3D glasses and seen Killzone 3 for myself I may just be getting a new TV.  Killzone 3 will make everyone think different of 3D TV as I played and watched other 3D games at the preview and really wasn’t sold until Killzone 3.  Killzone 3 is set to place you back into the action fighting your hostile enemy know as the Helghast Army fighting for human survival.  I can’t wait for this one to drop, but will I be playing it on a new 3D TV or not?

Next up you guessed it is Medal of Honor and let me tell you don’t let that Beta fool you.  This game’s single-player is tight and once you get some of the background of this game you will love it even more.  Some games take events and make  them and mold them into a game we will all enjoy, but the Medal of Honor series has always tried to keep the storyline not only compelling but accurate at the same time and this one is no different.  The making of this Medal of Honor is no different as they actually had Tier 1 Operators involved in making this game.  They men that helped out had to remain unanimous to the public because they are still active, but they lent a hand in how they really operate.  Now this game doesn’t portray it 100% because that would make for a game without much dialogue because the Tier 1 Operators don’t talk much as they are a tight-knit team that knows what the other team member will be doing and when they will be doing it.  I can’t wait for this game, not just because of the facts I just discussed but this game is awesome looking and plays very good.

Here is a game that you all might have heard of and you may be wondering to yourself I wonder if this game would be worth it seeing it is only a downloadable game.  Well Lara Croft fans I am here to tell you that yes Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will be well worth the money to download.  This game gives you an isometric viewpoint using a fixed camera  and relies on cooperative gameplay.  But what if you don’t have another person to play with?  That is OK but it is made to enjoy with another person as you make your way through levels and solving puzzles along the way.   Take a look at this one you will not be disappointed.

There where other games that where there and are worth an honorable mention and if you have any questions about the games I seen or heard about let me know in the comment section and I will let you know what I know from attending Sony’s NYC Preview.

Here are some of the other titles:

Mafia II

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Move)

Start The Party (Move)

The Sly Collection (Move)

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  • Sounds like you had fun Scott. Can’t wait to get my hands on the PS Move when it comes out and of course try it with some of these awesome games.

  • I’m so jealous of you for Killzone 3

    • Killzone 3 in 3D is just a site to see they had it on a smaller TV but it was still incredible.

  • @steve completely agreed

  • Mafia 2 is the one I am now waiting for and I am annoyed that Sony have exclusive DLC but I’ll probably just pick it up for the PC in the end.

    • Mafia 2 is going to be great the gameplay is fluid and the story and details are great. They really did their homework when it came to replicating the 1950’s

  • also, I love the fact that you have seen a killer game in 3D, done properly as this is what I’ve been banging on about for the past month or so to anyone who will listen to me, 3D gaming done right simply blows you away. My issue with it and probably the reason it will not really take off this generation or maybe even the next one is the shovelware that will be thrown at us with 3D tacked on.

    As for Mafia 2, I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched Goodfellas as it is one, if not my favourite movie of all time. It will take all my will to avoid buying Mafia 2 on day one.

    • I agree Mark done right it is awesome. To just make it to make it will be a different story and that will bring in the shovelware aspect. If Goodfellas is a favorite Mafia 2 is right for you.

  • I’ll try to keep it to just one more question…

    Did you get the impression that by not buying Move, gamers will miss out on a lot of what Little Big PLanet 2 has to offer?

    • Not really that they would miss out but a good example of how Move should be used and implemented.

  • Nathan Hardisty (Bananahs)

    Hope you had a nice time Scott, good to see the bearded ninja out and about.

    • Nathan it was an awesome time and you never know where the bearded ninja will show up next….

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Great previews Scott! My wife and I can’t wait for LBP2 and we might just be buying the Move controller after all, just for this game.

    As for Dead Space 2, I’ve had my preorder in for months now! Totally stoked to play this one!

    Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    • You guys will love LBP 2 and Dead Space 2 is going to be great. It was a great time and I also got to hang out with Paul Brucato from the Video Game Jocks all around awesome!

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  • moveornothing

    Metal of honor doesn’t have move support W…T…F…???.

  • Dan

    I know and no move support for dead space 2 ether. (they Just give move owners a port of an on rails shooter for the wii.) 🙁

  • zig

    Forget about that, what about move crysis 2?. It really looks like ea is dropping the ball on supporting next gen controllers for their hardcore games. Do they not realize that sony has proven that move is NOT some gimmick and is a true leap forward in game control?. Come on ea
    GET WITH THE TIMES and support your core base!!!.

  • Wells

    I totally agree. core gamers now want precise, realistic, 1:1 control in our games and move is the ONLY way we are going to get that.

  • joker

    You need to know the difference between “were” and “where”.
    Also this website took website design 101 and smashed it against a wall.

  • cove

    Even activision said that they were not going to support move. I don’t know why because i and a lot of other gamers are in full support of move. Just think how much more precise cod would control on the move rather then on a duelshock 3.

  • Tom

    I really hope dev’s start patching/making their games for move. It is going to suck to have to wait till the next cycle of consoles to get full support for next gen control.

  • name

    The duelshock is called a last-gen controller for a reason, it is last gen. The future of gaming is the Ps move and dev’s should wake up and realize that.

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