The Matrimony of Shooters & RPGs

What a match made in heaven. Harmony, love, and poetry in motion. Like two birds mating in mid-air, but not really. Meshing two genres to stand the test of time forever: first person shooters and role-playing games. To add the quick-paced aspect of a shooter to the level developing of a RPG and vice-versa is something that any kind of gamer can get behind.

It adds depth to your character, knowing that you can pick and choose what strengths and weaknesses you will carry through the game. And if you’re lucky enough to have everything else legit (sad face @Alpha Protocol) such as story, gameplay, and graphics – you have something like a hit on your hands.

I’ve always played shooters, since the beginning (Genesis). I first ventured into RPG’s with Diablo II. And now, since 2008, I’ve been riding this crucial video game wave of the blended genre. It started with Fallout 3, and has continued on through Mass Effect and its perfect sequel, Bioshock (in a way), and Borderlands.

The Perfect Blend

I am in love with these games. When dealing with a role playing game, you know you’re going to have a great story, you know you are going to be invested into your character because the game allows you to craft your own path. It’s like those old Goosebumps books where you “Choose Your Own Adventure”. From the weapons, skill sets, healths, defenses, the amount of customization can be nearly infinite.

And what about the shooting aspects? While, not as precise or tight as a hardcore fan would like, it really cannot be expected to rival its pure-bred FPS competitors. If you play the first entry in the wonderful space-opera Mass Effect, then try the sequel (which has a demo on Xbox Live right now), you will enjoy being in the presence of an awesome shooter. The control layout was simple and easy for a gunslinger to pick up. Borderlands, while having no one working in the story department, they locked down the fun of Run’N’Gun shooters and looting the vast colors and attributes of pistols, shotguns, and rifles galore.

What can truly, truly go wrong when you marry these two genres? They compliment each other. Like a marriage in holy matrimony. RPG Shooters are a beautiful thing.

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  • hellodb

    what truly goes wrong? that you play to much and ignore me….