Halo Reach Xbox 360 Coming Soon

If this rumor is true, and I suspect it is, Microsoft should be unveiling their special edition Halo Reach Xbox 360 S very soon. An intrepid tipster has given the heads up to Ars Technica, so we will still classify this as a rumor for the time being.

halo reach controller

Silver Reach Controller

Microsoft just recently announced the pricing on their Kinect bundles and also revealed their new Arcade unit. This new limited edition console will be silver with Halo themed graphics. The bundle will include the 250GB console, the Halo Reach game, and two silver controllers like the one above. All this for $399.99.

Personally I’m glad they went with silver instead of the ugly green that the Halo 3 Xbox 360 came in. It’s time to start saving now because September 14th is just around the corner. Anybody got $400 I can borrow…forever?

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