LBP 2 Release Date and CE Announced

LBP2 Collector's Edition
Media Molecule made quite a few announcements today about the much anticipated Little Big Planet 2. To start things off, the game has just passed the Alpha phase is on track for its just announced release date of November 16th. They also gave us a peek at the multiple pre-order bonuses you can get, depending on where you place your pre-order. First things first, all pre-orders will include the four costumes below. The “Even More Animals” pack adds a cobra, a vulture, a mandrill, and a crocodile to the already large amount of animal based costumes from the first title.

Even More Animals Pack
They also have retailer exclusive costumes included with pre-orders from Amazon, GameStop, and BestBuy. Amazon pre-orders come with two costumes, Ratchet and Clank. Clearly a must have for fans of the ever popular franchise. GameStop pre-orders come with a Tron Legacy costume. This is my personal favorite. It is based on the outfit worn by Clu in the upcoming movie. More Tron Legacy costumes are planned in the future, so don’t worry if you really wanted Kevin’s outfit. Finally, pre-orders from BestBuy will come with a Toy Alien costume from the Toy Story franchise. Obviously this one will be a big hit with families.

Pre-Order Exculsives
They also announced a Little Big Planet 2 Collector’s Edition. Priced at $79.99, the collector’s edition will come with a Sackboy plushie, 5 exclusive Sackboy themed PSN avatars, and LBP2 themed bookends. It will also include all of the pre-order exclusive costume, regardless of which retailer you get it from, as well as a Gonzo costume, see below, which is part of a series of Muppets themed costumes that will be released shortly after the game’s launch. The CE will be a limited run though, so if you want it you need to pre-ordered it right away. Unfortunately, this is for the US only. Plans for other regions will be announced soon.

Gonzo LBP2 Costume

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  • This looks really awesome. Waiting to see if it is available in Canada before I get all excited though.

    • It should be out now, I live in Manitoba, and I got mine yesterday.

  • Nathan Hardisty (Bananahs)

    I want that sackboy in my bed.

  • UltimateSin

    While I would have no use for the book ends, I would like that plushie. The 11 costumes are great, not so much on the avatars. $80 is a good deal for all of this but i’ll just buy the plushie and game separately.