The Live Action Comic Wrap-Up — 7/23 Edition

Ok, Maybe I should call this the “Holy moley!  That guy used to be George Kirk???” edition.  Chris Hemsworth before the patented Norse God workout:

"Look at me...I'm running a Starship."

And here he is after the Norse God workout:

"Look at me...I'm the size of a Starship."

Seriously…dude has been hitting the weights.  Is there any question about Mr. Hemsworth’s Thoridness now?

"'ve really been working out!"

In other news, the new Bruce Willis flick RED just put out a new trailer which you can see at the iTunes trailer site.

From what I hear, this trailer doesn’t look like it fits the tone of the comic at all…but I haven’t read the comic yet, so I can’t confirm.  That said, I think the trailer looks good.

Lastly, this isn’t Live Action, but you should look at it anyway.  The Goon is coming to theaters, and he’s going to learn us a thing or two about internal bleeding:

Sources: MTV, io9, iTunes Trailers

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