Dead Space 2 Graphic Novel And Animated Movie Tie-Ins Announced

The original Dead Space wore its influences on its sleeve so proudly they should have just been called it ‘Resident Horizon’ and been done with it. Thanks to some great writing and art design, however, it featured an atmospheric and intriguing setting. As part of the ‘pre-launch campaign’ (marketing speak, bleugh) for the sequel, due Jan 25th next year, EA have announced an accompanying graphic novel and animated movie.

Salvage, published this December  by IDW and illustrated by Christopher Shy, tells the story of The Magpies, who land on the Ishimura after the events of the first game with an eye to stripping it of valuables. Naturally it doesn’t go well, and they end up hunted by necromorphs and shadowy government agents.The movie, Aftermath, deals with events on Aegis VII, the planet where the alien marker was found, and the government’s use of the Ishimura’s miners as test subjects.

The news of the spin-offs is no big surprise to fans of the series; the first game had its own graphic novel and movie, as did Visceral’s Dante’s Inferno. While they could be accused of being glorified advertisements for the game, the fact that both stories are based around the events of the first game rather than just following the prequel route hopefully means they’ll develop the world further. Regardless, the game can’t come soon enough.

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