Mass Effect 2 – New DLC Announced

Bioware have announced the next instalment on DLC for Mass Effect 2. There is no release date or price yet,  but the DLC will be called:

Lair of the Shadow Broker.

For fans of the series this has some interesting potential. The story will focus around your former crew-mate Liara and her vendetta against the Shadow Broker.

While there is little information provided in game about the Shadow Broker or why Liara is out to destroy him,  Bioware detailed Liara’s story in the Mass Effect Redemption comic book series.  How/If this will tie into the DLC is unknown, but I suspect Bioware includes the comic as part of the series cannon.


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  • Where do I get the MSP for this DLC & the rest of the ME2 ones? 🙁

  • I predicted this would be an extra chapter!! It’s on P*N somewhere.

    After I finished the comic miniseries ‘Mass Effect Redemption’, I KNEW it would end up being a DLC episode.