Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

At the San Diego Comic Con, the final Spider-man was revealed  for Shattered Dimensions and it is:

Ultimate Spider-man

I may have been wrong, but credit to one of our readers Dillion who was right on both the universe and costume.

Personally I had toyed with the idea of Ultimate Spider-man(although not the black suit) when I made my prediction, but I decided to rule it out as there has already been a game dedicated to the Ultimate Spider-man universe and I believe that the whole black suit thing is getting a little stale. That being said, it does offer a different style of game play compared to the other Spider-men and the information that has been released does look promising.

Am I disappointed? Yes, a little. Will I still buy the game? Of course, I have bought and enjoyed the majority of Spider-man games and most have been acceptable (if you ignore the very kid friendly friend or foe)

I was right with at least the voice actor prediction as Josh Keaton will play the newly announced Ultimate Spider-man.

All four Spider-men have now been confirmed by the social media manager for Activision Dan Amrich as:

Actor In Game: Spider-man Past Spider-man
Christopher Daniel Barnes Noir Spider-Man TV series from 1994-1998
Dan Gilvezan Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” ….1981-1983
Josh Keaton Ultimate Spider-man The Spectacular Spider-Man 2008-2009
Neil Patrick Harris Amazing Spider-man Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

One last thing, if anyone at Activision or developers Bennox are reading, I’m begging please, please, please include zombie Spider-man as either a pre-order bonus or Halloween DLC.  This is one of the few legitimate reasons to include the Marvel Zombies universe in a game, and if you equip Spidey with the power of Galactus, then it opens up a completely different style of game play.

Thanks to Dan Amrich at

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