Demon’s Souls Online Until March 2011

ATLUS recently sent out an email to it’s faithful followers about Demon’s Souls, the critically acclaimed action RPG that is as tough as nails and ruthless as a Nazi zombie. ATLUS states “today we can confirm continued support for the Demon’s Souls online servers in North America through at least March 2011.” This is great news for anybody that already plays or is thinking about playing Demon’s Souls online. The best part of this statement is “at least”. That means that come March of next year, they may extend the servers even longer providing there is still strong support for the online portion of the game.

ATLUS also plans to celebrate this announcement by shifting the server’s Tendency to Pure White. What does this mean? Well for one, the game will be slightly easier making it nicer for newer players to ease into the game. Areas and items that were previously¬†inaccessible will be open for the players as well. The one thing the email does not say though is for how long the Pure White Tendency will last for. Whether this lasts for only a few days or until March 2011, nobody knows. One thing is for certain though, I will be taking advantage of the server extension. I hope to see you online!

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