Character Of The Week – MDK

Welcome to another weekly feature where we bring your attention to a less known or forgotten character. Our character this week requires no introduction at least to those who once enjoyed Kurt Hectics heroic works. Thanks to Shiny we had a fun run protecting earth from aliens. You may better recognize Kurt Hectic from a short lived video game series by the name of MDK or Murder Death Kill a third person shooter. Unfortunately this game would see no more then 2 games before the untimely demise. Players are also joined on their adventures by Dr. Fluke and a robotic dog BONES who prefers to be called Max.

How did MDK start?

One day a crazy Doctor by the name of Dr. Fluke Hawkins discovers what he calls Flange Orbits but bringing them to the scientific community he gets mocked. Ashamed he decides to go into hiding on his space ship named the Jim Dandy. Working in peace the doctor happened to notice large streams of energy heading for Earth. Being the good guy he was he tried warning every one by sending a message down to Earth. Unfortunately for his previous ridicule no one believed a word he said laughed it off and continued on their jolly ways. Unfortunately not listening to his warning soon Earth was swarmed with giant mine crawlers that were flattening everything from people to cities whatever was in their path.

Dr. Hawkins realizes Earth’s rescue is left up to none other then him so he calls on Kurt Hectic to wear his special coil suit. Dr Fluke decided on Kurt because the doctor himself was not getting any younger plus Max wouldn’t fit with his four legs. Dr. Fluke had created an awesome weapon that allowed the suit wearer to be protected but also have the ability to parachute into danger. Equipped with a chain gun and head mounted sniper rifle the user was ready to take on anything. Kurt was now set to be sent out on “Mission: Deliver Kindness” set out on taking down the aliens that invaded his home planet.

Players enjoyed a weird variety of gaming experiences right from the start of a level. Kurt was dropped into the screen where players got to enjoy sky diving to the next level, all the time trying to dodge a radar that would launch missles towards your on screen counterpart. Players will also encounter grunts the main enemy type in swarms as they are the main opponents to your mission of kindness. During levels you will also run into harder metallic robots that are easily killed with two sniper rounds to the head.

New gaming generations were unfortunately robbed of enjoying this great title though a version did come with iMacs in 1998. Unfortunately for most this game will be one they hear about from a friend but never get to experience it. Our Character of the week deserves to be enjoyed if you do happen to cross paths at your local flea market or garage sale. Gameplay and story line give the gamer a reason to enjoy the characters as well as the overall experience.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Great CotW! That was an awesome game!

  • I never got a chance to play MDK, I remember seeing it but never got my hands on it.

  • Still have it and I loved the game, nice choice and if you have the chance to pick it up do so.