Grand Theft Auto V Location Details Leaked?

Bowling and darts: optional

Though no one has officially said anything, we all know to expect that Grand Theft Auto V is coming. GTA is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular franchises out there, and, with GTA IV now being two years old, it’s no surprise that details of the next iteration are leaking.

According to a cryptic article posted on VG247, Rockstar Games will be officially announcing the next iteration in the controversial franchise at an upcoming Max Payne 3 event. They also claim that the location of GTAV will be Hollywood, or, rather, Rockstar’s version of Hollywood, as Rockstar tends to rename the locations in their games.

Again, right now, this is obviously just a rumor. Until Rockstar comes out with real details, we don’t know anything for sure. That said, gotta admit, it all sure sounds plausible. GTAIV was released two years ago, to massive critical and market success, so a new announcement now is as good a time as ever, especially hot off the heels of releasing Red Dead Redemption (my personal game of the year so far) to huge acclaim. The GTA franchise also has taken on California previously with GTA: San Andreas. Considering GTAIV went back to the Liberty City of previous games, it’s not shocking that they might return to California for another round.

Personally, I feel like that Hollywood is almost too expected as the next setting. Seems like an easy target for the satire that Rockstar is so well known for. Yet, another thing almost all Rockstar games have in common is unpredictability. I’m sure they have something big up their sleeve, just have to wait and see.

Oh, and if you’re listening Rockstar, let’s turn the phone calls off during the missions this time, OK?

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  • I’d prefer that they return to Vice City for the next game.

    If it had to be somewhere new, I wish they’d either go to Boston, or some a few cities in the south – New Orleans, Atlanta, or San Antonio and it’s surrounding areas [Dallas, Houston, etc].

  • lancerusso

    Grand theft London is what we need.

  • San Andreas FTW!

  • UltimateSin

    So many fans want GTA5 to be in Vice City. And if GTA5 is in Vice City, expect GTA6 (Yes, I know i’m thinking very far ahead) to be in San Andreas.

  • I would love to see the GTA franchise go somewhere international. Like lancerusso said above, London would be great, Mexico City would also be a great city to place a story in too.

  • bee

    NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be awesome, with the bayous & the quarter etc.

  • Australia?


    but you have to set the time wheel back to the ‘underbelly’ events