Pokemon #000 Revealed

You though Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander (and their evolutions) were the first Pokemon in the National Pokedex, right? Looks like Nintendo’s going to make you wrong next year. Andriasang has covered the news that Pokemon Sunday and Nintendo themselves have covered this weekend. Victini, a specially-acquirable Pokemon, will take #000 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

You’ll need to acquire the Liberty Ticket item via Nintendo WiFi Connect. After doing so, you’ll run into your chance to acquire the Pokemon in-game. Japanese players will be able to do so from September 18th to October 18ths. Naturally, American gamers won’t be able to run into this deal until next year.

Maybe by then, I’ll have beaten HeartGold.

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  • that Pokemon looks pretty awesome, I’m really starting to get excited for the next game. I just wish it was on other platforms like the iPhone (I know that will never happen but I could wish)