Scott Pilgrim vs. Your TV

I may seem like your average video game geek, but, truth be told, I’m just a geek in general. Books, games, movies — whatever the medium, I’m probably interested. That said, I’m extremely excited about the upcoming Edgar Wright film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And, as with most of my geeky interests, I plan on devouring any related material that may be out there. That includes the book series and, more importantly to this site, the upcoming Ubisoft game.

Finding a release over both PSN and XBLA, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a retro-designed action brawler that even includes 4-player co-op. Check out the trailer below for lots of awesome.

With an August 10th release date, PlayStation 3 owners get the advantage this time out; 360 owners will have to wait an additional two weeks — that’s August 25th, fellas — to engage in evil-ex fisticuffs. Whatever your platform, Mr. Pilgrim’s adventure will set you back $15 (1200 MS points). The film will hit theaters on August 13th.

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