TRON: Legacy Full Trailer

There are a lot of movies coming out in 3D nowadays, and I really could not care less.  It’s just a little too gimmicky for my tastes, and it’s not implemented very well in a lot of the more recent cases.  Now, I’m not crazy…I loved Avatar in 3D.  In fact, I think 3D is what made me like Avatar as much as I did.  But then something like The Last Airbender comes out, and the “after-market” addition of 3D made me want to poke my eyes out (not to mention that the movie stank really bad…but that’s another story).

As much as I am looking forward to seeing Thor and Captain America, I cringed when I heard that they were scheduled to come out in 3D.  But TRON: Legacy on the other hand…I think this movie will blow a hole in all other 3D movies.  Prepare your inner geek for the latest trailer…

Source: CBR

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