Alan Wake DLC – Did You Redeem Your Code Too Early?

Alan Wake came out, so you bought it at launch. And oo, you got a shiny new code to scratch off too, quick redeem it! Oh wait, don’t. Damn too late. For all you that had this problem and redeemed your free Alan Wake DLC code early you may have had the problem when you couldn’t actually obtain a copy of the DLC. Well ladies and gentlemen, good news everyone. Microsoft are now issuing replacement download codes for the DLC by sending them to your e-mail address that is assigned to your Xbox Live account. This DLC is worth the download, whether you buy it or not. Check out “The Signal” out on Xbox Live now.

@Remedyalerts announced on Twitter  “If you’ve redeemed your code prior to release Microsoft will be sending out new codes to you via your email on XBL,” the developer said. I guess you should sit back, wait for you code. Oh and stay out of the dark.

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