No Need For Critics With PlayStation Firmware Update 3.41

I’ve come across this problem before: You look at your favorite online game downloading platform and can’t decide what fresh and hip titles to buy with your well-earned digital currency. Well, fret no more lovers of that big space heater (and I mean that in the most amiable of ways) known as the PlayStation 3, because Sony have now patched your woes, with game recommendations!

Their newest PlayStation 3 firmware update, version 3.41, adds a “You May Like” section to the right-hand side of the PlayStation Store. When viewing a games information screen, this new feature will compile a list of recommended games according to the past purchases of other PS Store users who bought that game. So, to put it simply, game recommendations! Technology! Yay!

But unfortunately, Playstation.Blog says your auto-critic helper-friend will not be available until the “end of July” (later this week).

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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