Supermarket Mania HD Review (iPad)

Game Review: Super Market Mania HD
Release: July 13 2010(USA) July 25th 2010(UK)
Time Management
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Available Platforms:
Players: 1
$4.99(USA), £2.99(UK)
ESRB Rating: 4+

When I first loaded the game, I got a cold shiver down my spine. The opening screen was full of bright oranges and yellows, had a blonde barbie-esk girl smiling at me and was accompanied by music that gave the impression that it was actually happy to be playing. It was at this point I thought I might not be part of the target audience for this game.

The basic premise has been done a thousand times before, you are an employee of a supermarket and must keep the shelves stocked and the customers happy in order to progress to the next level.

As you play the game you are issued with additional challenges, such as slower stock refills, shoplifters and increasing customers. However the basic premise is always the same, keep the shelves full.

Despite my concerns, Super Market Mania kept me entertained. The game is very addictive, so much so that I actually ended playing from start to finish in one sitting.

Nothing in the game is over complicated and everything is explained. In between each level, you are given the option of upgrading the store. If you make the right decision then the next level is much easier, make the wrong one and you have wasted your money.

There is a short story that explains your motivation to continue playing the game and this is illustrated in short comic book panels between levels.

Despite the storyline of you losing your first job to a team of robots, you never have to face them directly in game. It would have been nice to include something like a time-trial directly against them, or even have some robots appear in your store to cause havoc.

In the middle of the game, I got an automated pop up box, asking me to review it for iTunes. Personally I found this a little bit cheap as it was basically asking for approval. I will quite happily click a link on the main screen to leave a review, but I don’t like my games being interrupted.

There was no adjustable difficulty in the game, so consequently I very rarely failed a round, the endless mode did provide some additional challenge.

The concept of the game has been done a thousand times before, (in fact this exact game is also available online for the PC) Luckily as the majority of these games are flashed based (which the iPad doesn’t support) then there is little competition. That being said Supermarket Mania is an excellent example of a time management game for your iPad, and is certainly worth the £2.99/$4.99

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