Google Making Investments In Social Networking

Google, the corporate overlord of the internet’s advertising space and your search bar, is planning on developing a social networking website to compete with Facebook. Or, at least, it appears to be that way.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in talks with a few major players in the social network gaming scene, companies like Farmville creators Zynga (a company Google had invested money into prior to this), Playfish, and Playdom are some of the few. Recently Google had also hired Mark Deloura as their “Developer advocate for games.” Alongside that, they are looking for someone with “experience building an online gaming business both on the web and on mobile devices.”

While these investments alone don’t point towards the production of a social networking site — ostensibly it seems as though they were planning to make a social gaming solution — The Wall Street Journal also says that “people briefed on the matter said the games would be part of broader social-networking initiative that is under development by the Mountain View, Calif., company.”

It’s not a surprise that Google would want to get their hands into social networking’s pockets, what with Facebook making $800 Million in 2009, and probably much more onward. We’ll see what happens in the future, with all the developments Google has been making you can expect something big to come along. Something that might really shake up the current social networking market. It’s the first note in the social gaming symphony, you could say.

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