Valve Offers Left 4 Dead 2 In Apology

For the past couple of weeks, Valve has been erroneously banning many PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players. This was done by Valve’s automated cheat-detection system, and unsurprisingly, people were rather upset. To be exact, twelve-thousand of them were rather upset.

However, Valve has corrected the issue, unbanned those that didn’t deserve the righteous fury of the banhammer, and offered them a wee little gift in return. All of the players that were unjustly banned will receive a free download of Left 4 Dead 2 for themselves and a code for a friend to download a copy as well.

This is truly a gracious move by Valve, and something that will be sure to garner the goodwill of Steam users. You stay classy, Valve. So, uh, if you happen to know somebody who was banned, now might be a good time to become their best friend forever…does anybody want to be my friend? Anybody?

Let us know what you think of everything that went down, especially if you were one of those banned! We want to hear your voice. Go ahead and comment!


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