$50,000 At QuakeCon 2010

QuakeCon, the annual, free mini-convention/mega-tournament in Dallas, TX, is once again running a purely Quake Live setup this year and will once again be offering a grand total of $50,000 in prizes to those willing to compete. What did change, however, is that after a brief return to the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine (yay!), QuakeCon 2010 will be returning to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas (hrm).

Although $50,000 may seem paltry in the face of the half of a million dollars offered in the likes of the World Cyber Games, winning any of the tournaments at this year’s QuakeCon could net you anywhere from $1,500 from the OpenTournament to $14,000 in the Masters Championship. Here’s the breakdown:

Intel Quake Live Masters Championship — allowing entry for 64 competitors, the Masters Championship is what many would call “the big one” at QuakeCon. It may be the smallest of the three brackets, but it also offers to the largest single cash prize with $14,000 to the champ ($25,000 total). Double elimination and best-of-three up until the best-of-five finals, this one-on-one duel-style tournament will be the one to watch.

Intel Quake Live Capture the Flag Championship — 128 players broken up into 32 teams of 4 each will battle it out for a total of $25,000 with the winning team splitting $14,000 of that pot. Unlike the Masters Championship, this puppy is single elimination.

Intel Quake Live Open Tournament — if you consider yourself a pretty good Quake Live player or a true up-and-coming competitor in the professional gaming arena, this is the tournament for you. The prize is only 1/10th of the professional tournaments at $2,500 total, but winning the Open could still net you a cool $1,500—way more than you would make reading about the results the following morning. The rub is you’ll have to take down 128 other players with the same aspirations as you.

If you’re a professional gamer (and thus probably are already fully aware of this situation), you can pre-register right now over at the official QuakeCon 2010 tournament site from July 27 to August 8. You can also register at the actual event on August 12 from 9:00am to 12:00pm, though that is also the same time competitors can register for the Open Tournament. It’s all first-come, first-serve, by the way.

I will almost definitely be at QuakeCon this year, but I will also almost definitely not be competing. My prime Quake days are far behind me, though I can still appreciate a good shootout. Anyone else planning on going? Come on, guys, it’s free!

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